Who we are

Our team is composed by a set of engineers passionate for technology, trained in the university research. Tinvention is not an ordinary company, like ltd, but it's a professional association very similar to an association between attorneys, for example. This is because we sell our competence and skills as professionals, not products and services like a company.

  • Established by a set of engineers from the "Politecnico di Milano" university and from Cefriel
  • All the three partners of Tinvention are part of the Italian order of Engineers
  • Skills and expertise
  • Tinvention has no commercial partnerships with any vendor and this is one of the most important values we can offer. Tinvention is free to choose the best technological solution for every problem. Independence from partnerships with vendors and big players make us free to advise the best solution to our customers.

"People matter"

Tinvention partners

Tinvention has nearly ten employees. The partners are three.


Cesare on the top of a mountainCesare has experience in managing big project groups. One of his strength is the ability to organize projects and resources. Cesare is the right person when the project is big, complex or has some criticals.


Other details and professionale experience can be found in Cesare's Curriculum Vitae .


Massimo near the famous bridge on the river Kwae - ThailandThe creative person of the team: he's an experimenter and always looks for new solutions and opportunities.

Like everybody in Tinvention deals with nearly every aspect of the company's life but he prefers to manage the commercial division

From the echnological point of view he mainly deals with the design and development of frontend components. Since he has great experience with xml he often works at the integration components of the applications developed by Tinvention.

Other details and professionale experience can be found in Massimo's Curriculum Vitae .


Stefano with his kayak

He very much loves kayaking. He's a senior engineer and a great architect with more than 10 years of experience.

He is a pragmatic innovator.

Designs, plans, and builds keeping always in mind the real problems and objectives of the customer.
On the other hand he's an expert of technology, continuously looking for improvements and market trends. He strongly believes that software projects cannot succeed without solid skills in the team.

He's a technology enthusiast and believes that technical skills must be grown day by day with passion. In Tinvention, Stefano as well as deal with management and business development, is the Software/Solutions Architect .

Other details and professionale experience can be found in Stefano's Curriculum Vitae .

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