Total quality in every project phase

Tinvention is a small company but it is very competitive on the market due to its efficiency and quality of work. Software development, even nowadays, is essentially a craftsmanlike activity. A small company like Tinvention can be very competitive since big players cannot exploit their best strength: scale economy. On the other hand, a small company has only a few of the overhead costs that a big player must have.

Tinvention adopts an industrial approach to software development process. We adopt methodologies and tools that maximize the effectiveness of the work of our engineers.

Tinvention invests a lot in its organization, even if it is so small. Our success key factor is our team that adopts state-of-the-art methodologies and tools . We strongly believe in the importance of people and continuously invest in the team trying to make our professionals increase their skills.

The adoption of the Continuous integration technique in every project has a set of positive impacts. implica una gestione rigorosa di tutte le fasi del ciclo di vita. Ogni fase √® supportata da strumenti che massimizzano l'efficacia del lavoro: lo sviluppatore concentra i propri sforzi sul software da realizzare e non spreca energie in compiti ripetitivi e noiosi in quanto questi sono tutti stati automatizzati. Tutto il software prodotto ha sempre corredati  test di unit√† eseguiti in continuazione da una piattaforma automatica. In caso di problemi il sistema invia una mail a tutti i membri del team che possono intervenire immediatamente a correggere l'errore.

Tinvention invests in its and its customer's future: a key practice for the whole team is to produce maintainable code. During years of experience we learned how to design an information system that is simple to maintain, modify and improve.

Choosing Tinvention is an investment in your future.

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