People make the difference. Your technological partner. The quality is our goal. Mindset and Ingenuity.

who we are

People make the difference.

The idea for Tinvention came to fruition in 2004. Today it operates through two legal entities: as a group practice in engineering and as an SRL (limited company). Our group was founded by three technology engineers, passionate about technology, from the world of academia and business research.

We are a "people-centric" business organized with a deliberately flat and flexible hierarchy. In Tinvention:

  • Everyone designs, writes code, and has almost continuous hands-on involvement in technology;
  • We seek to work in areas which we enjoy, leading to better results;
  • We train our people directly, in fact, all attend an internal training programme for at least three months designed to improve technical capability, instill our company culture, and encourage further self-development.

what we believe

Philosophy and Ingenuity.

Even though our culture does not always appreciate our country's excellence, we still believe in education, in young people, in skills, in work done well, in craftsmanship and in professional ethics. In Italy, we often fail to value software engineering related expertise. We however, at Tinvention, believe in the capabilities of each individual, without which our projects could not succeed.

We are convinced that the quality of the services and the products we develop depend firstly, on our company philosophy and secondly, on continuous training in the field. Therefore, we encourage our professionals to use their ingenuity, not just in finding the right solution, but also in upgrading their skills.

Massimo Legnani Creative Spirit

The creative spirit of the group: discovering, experimenting and always looking for new opportunities and solutions. Having a great passion for travel, he loves all forms of transport but has a particular fondness for trains. His favourite sport is sailing.

Stefano Campanini Pragmatic Innovator

A kayaking enthusiast and pragmatic innovator: designing, planning and building, always aware of realities, keys to success, and the most important goals of the customer. Convinced that without this expertise, software projects will not have the possibility of success, unless these skills are passionately cultivated day by day.

Cesare Mauri Organizer

A great lover of the mountains, trekking and climbing, confronting professional challenges with the same passion he devotes to “the struggle with the Alps". Oriented towards the management of large workgroups, his strength is as an organizer. He has the capability to deal with the most diverse design challenges and keep critical situations under control.


what we do

Your technology partner.

We offer our company as your technology partner in support of the implementation of products in Enterprise environments, with emphasis on quality, methodologies and, above all, the needs of the customer. In other words, like a tailor, we create and develop bespoke products to meet your specific needs. Often, a business idea needs the right technological expertise to assess costs, identify critical issues and international trends.

When a customer has an idea, Tinvention can be a key partner in evaluating and implementing the concept in complete confidence. We can operate in different ways, offering the right degree of flexibility to our customers.

We work to establish relationships of trust and transparency with customers and with all the actors involved in the projects.

action and support

High-level engineering consultancy


Strategic support for decisions involving investment in Executive Management ICT.


Mentoring, coaching, project and team management.


Designing-in-the-large, planning, effort estimation and workforce organization.


Analysis and feasibility studies, prototyping, performance analysis, POC.

Support for BigData

Support for the introduction of BigData solutions, Hadoop based, to support decision making.


Support for the introduction of automated software product management processes: techniques and methodologies (DevOps).

Artificial Intelligence

Designing and implementing solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence and cognitive computing, applying scientific methodologies.


Support for drafting specifications and evaluation of proposals for tendering in the ICT sector.

Product selection

Support for Product Selection.

Business Sectors

Competence at 360°

Tinvention is able to operate in different business sectors, applying their methodological and technological skills. We have worked with many business sectors, such as: banking, insurance, finance, public administration, e-commerce, automotive, sales automation, media & TV, gas & power, managed security, etc. Here are some examples of projects we have managed:


our method

Quality objective.

Whether it's our own design, or a consulting service, the goal is quality. We are able to communicate effectively, understanding the context and objectives, with people from different areas and at all levels of an organization: from technical engineers to developers, to PMs, to businessmen, to business managers, up to to Executive Managers.

Some of the solutions we have carried out and/ or the services provided for implementation on behalf of our customers, have earned us:

  • Years of experience in complex software implementation;
  • Years of experience in the integration of wide-ranging applications;
  • Valuable expertise in BigData solutions: from dash-boarding acquisition chains to management of the Hadoop cluster and its applications;
  • Expertise in Data Science environments, in valuable information extraction through the application of machine learning techniques and the implemetation of predictive systems.


Skill and technology.

We at Tinvention form a group with mastery of the skills and technology most in demand within the ICT sector:

Extensive understanding of the importance of standards W3C and IETF.
High-level expertise across the JEE landscape, including the most popular frameworks and libraries.
High-level expertise across the FrontEnd panorama:

HTML 5 Apps, JavaScript (typescript & C.), AngularJS, Angular 2, Flux Architectures (redux, ReactJS), etc...

BigData Hadoop based platforms:
  • Cloudera suite, HDFS api & tools, YARN, Hive, Hbase, Spark, ZooKeeper, Impala, etc...
  • Event processing using Lambda Architectures, Flafka Architecnure (Kafka + Flume), Apache Parquet & other formats, etc...
Technical skills and methodologies for the management of a software product, and the provisioning for the automatic creation of complex environments:
  • Knowledge of devOps, Continuous integration, Continuous delivery, tracking releases, etc...
  • Tools: Maven, Jenkins, Docker, Packer, Vagrant, Ansible, etc...
Experience with e-commerce platforms,

for example: Hybris from SAP.

Specific experience in technology for Data Science:
  • R tools, Scikit-learn, Theano/TensorFlow, MLLib, GraphX, etc...
Experience in the mobile sector on Android platforms.


Work with us.

In Italy, we often fail to value software-related skills. On the other hand, we at Tinvention believe in the importance of the expertise of each individual without which the projects would not be successful. We are convinced that the quality of the services and the products that we create depend firstly on our philosophy, and secondly, on continuous training in the field. We therefore encourage our professionals to use their ingenuity not only in seeking the right solution but also in the way they improve their skills.

If you are seriously interested in joining us, please write an introduction letter and attach your CV to:



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